Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Professional Housekeeper Training - San Francisco

We are taking The Professional Housekeeper Training Seminar to major cities. New York was a great success as we received feedback indicating how helpful it was to so many. Domestic workers rarely get an opportunity to convene and discuss issues on the job. They are grateful to participate in a conference type setting where they are able to share many ideas and learn from each other. Every day another person thanks me for all they learned in the "Career Development" aspect of The Professional Housekeeper training. They walk away with interview techniques, how to put their resume and portfolio together, while learning how to achieve the proper education and experience for the position they are seeking.

Domestic workers need support just like every other profession. This training program offers all of that plus an opportunity to meet others in the field, share ideas, engage and grow. Whether you work as a housekeeper, nanny or even as an Household Manager, knowing basic housekeeping, cooking, laundry, childcare, organization, and time management is a must. It is also necessary that everyone understands professional protocol, labor codes, employment agreements, and how to deal with termination issues properly.

After INA "International Nanny Conference" in Tampa, Fl May 12-15, we are looking forward to San Francisco - June 4th at the Hilton in Burlingame for The Professional Housekeeper Training Seminar.

Join us and learn more about your profession in the private service industry.

Marta Perrone



Jessika said...

Hello, do you have something in spanish? Im very interesting in your training on line.

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